About Us

KeyBio is a specialty Contract Research Organization founded by world-class scientists, aiming to achieve greater success for our customers.

Basing on our special NHP models, we offer customized services to support preclinical product development for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Together with our customers, we’ll create breakthrough solutions and patient outcomes.

Our Services
We provide NHP model-based therapeutic development platform:

CRO services to Pharma & Biotech Technologies for gene therapy Gene therapy for brain disorders Circuit-specific drugs for brain disorders
Gene Therapy
Pharmacological Studies
Efficacy Studies
Pre-Clinical Service
Why NHP Models
Non-human primate research is a bridge between basic research and clinical medicine. FDA clearly requires that new drugs of Schedule II must obtain reliable data of non-human primate experiments before entering clinical trials.
Non-human primates are primates other than human beings. Due to their similarity in evolution, they share more than 95% homology with human beings and have the closest genetic background and phenotypic characteristics. They can help us understand the occurrence and development of human diseases more effectively and apply them to the research of prevention and control measures. They are the most suitable or even the only model animals for many major diseases.